Remarketing is a first line of defense for retail businesses

Remarketing is a first line of defense for retail businesses

Retargeting/Remarketing is the function of capturing information at one touch point & using that information to target a user at another touch point. SEOmoz study showed that retargeted customers were 70% more likely to convert & they will spend over 50% more than normal visitors.


Re-marketing is usually used in two ways


  1. Increase overall conversion rate of your site, by keeping yourself on people’s minds while the compare suppliers.
  2. Be more aggressive with other targeting methods when showing ads to anybody who has been to your site before.

Remarketing and interest categories allow you to segment your audiences in custom combinations. By utilizing multiple remarketing lists with different pages viewed or cookie lengths you can target people in increasingly clever ways.

Remarketing Case Study – Before


Remarketing Case Study – After


Rehan Khan
Digital Performance Marketer @Think Rich Media
Rehan is an Online Advertising & Digital Performance Marketer. As senior marketing professional he possesses over 11 years experience in this industry.

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