5 AdWords extensions that can improve your conversion rate this Christmas

5 AdWords extensions that can improve your conversion rate this Christmas

Most businesses think AdWords is complicated to manage.

First, you have to do a lots of keyword research to find best performing keywords for your campaign.

Second, you need to spend some test budget to learn what terms are converting for you.

Third, you have to pause (trim down the list) keywords that are not converting for you, adjust the match types and find new profitable terms so you can get consistent flow of targeted traffic.

In this article we would like to discuss some cool tactics that can improve your campaign performance and profitability this Christmas. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for weeks to see its impact on your sales.


Say Hello to AdWords Extensions

Traditionally you’re only able to use headline, URL and ad copy but AdWords extensions beef up your ads by adding more information and make them more click worthy which in return will lower your cost per click and most likely improve conversion rates.

This is how regular Google ad looks like without ad extensions:


As you can see it only uses the basic headline, URL and copy. We all have seen them many times before.

Now when you use AdWords ad extensions you will see an ad that more look like Darlings of Chelsea as shown below.


Now the question is, how do you beef up your ads from standard 4 rows to 6 rows and add a phone number, like Darlings of Chelsea?


Adding Extensions to your AdWords Ads

First, login to your AdWords account and click on “Ad Extensions” in the top menu.


After selecting “Ad extensions” tab click on “View: Sitelinks extensions” dropdown. Here you can select different type of extension you’d like to add from following eight options:


In this article, we’ll show you how you can use following five extensions.

  1. Sitelinks extensions
  2. Location extensions
  3. Call extensions
  4. Review extensions
  5. Callout extensions


Extension 1: Sitelinks extensions

Site links extensions allow you to add additional important links to your existing standard ad which contains headline, URL and copy. For e-commerce business this could be more relevant categories to your website. If you’re in the services industry you can show more services which you think people would be interested.

Here is the example of what your ad will look like with site links.

E-commerce Industry


Service Industry


You can also show them with more description text like in the example below.


But the example shown above won’t show this way every time. Google will decide whether or not they’ll show additional text below the links or not. The above style of site links I see more on branded terms but again it’s not a set rule.

So in order to add more text under your site links here’s what you need to do.

Click on “Ad extensions” in the top menu and select “Sitelinks extensions” dropdown.


Now click on red “+Extensions” button and select which campaign you would like to add the extension to.


Now select the campaign you would like to create site link extensions to.


Now click on “New sitelink” button.


You’ll see a pop-up where you need to add text headline, URL, and description of copy. You can leave the description box empty if you don’t want to show the additional text.


After adding all the necessary details when you click on “Save”, the site link will be save and ready to go. This applies to all ad groups under that campaign you have selected when adding the site links. You may want the site links to appear in some ad groups and not for others. For that you need to go inside that campaign and select individual ad groups to adjust the settings.


Extension 2: Location Extensions

Location extensions is great if you’re running a local ads. As a business you can show your business address, phone number and a map marker. For mobile users it also include a direction link for searchers who’d like to get directions to the business.

Take a look in the example below:


The extension helps your ad to stand out. It also shows that the advertiser is local and a searcher can visit them in person.


Extension 3: Call Extensions

With this extension you can show your company or store phone number in your ad. This is a great feature to capture phone orders or enquiries, especially on mobile devices.

Google claims that phone number in your ads increase click through rate as much as 6% to 8%.

Here’s how call extension looks like in search result.


Tip: Use local landline number – Usually local landline number cost nothing to people who’re calling from their mobile phones.


Extension 4: Review Extensions

Review extension gives your ad an instant authority and trust. Here is the example of Instapage ad that uses a review from G2 Crowd.


If you want to use review extensions, you need to find the reviews about your company on third-party sites like G2 Crowd, Trust Pilot, Trust Radius, etc…

The reviews should come from a trusted third party website and not from your own website since there’s no easy way to verify the validity of those claims.

Make sure you read Google review extension guidelines before using reviews from your own website.


Extension 5: Callout Extensions

Callout extensions are another great feature. It allows you to add more text to your ad. With callout extensions you can show short snippets of text. This help your ad to standout more. Checkout the example below:


  • No deposit
  • 48 months
  • 7 day delivery
  • Stores nationwide

Any short phrase that can describes something special about your service can be added as callout extension.

All extensions discussed in this article are free to use. You can use all or any individual extension that fits your requirements. Each extension will increase the click through rate of your ad and hopefully help you increase your website conversion rate.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below. You can also do a Google search for each extension, tons of information available on how to use them.

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