Are You Making These 5 Common AdWords Mistakes?

Are You Making These 5 Common AdWords Mistakes?

These are five of the common mistakes I see when auditing client’s AdWords campaigns…

1. Forgetting that Google reward relevance.

Make sure all keywords in each AdGroup are related, and your advert contains the same phrases including the destination page the ad leads to.

2. Way too many keywords in an AdGroup

Unless the keywords are closely related, try to have 15 or less keywords in one AdGroup. So try not to stuff your AdGroup with too many keywords.

3. Ignoring the negative keywords

Best place to look for cost savings which can be used to increase ROI is to eliminate as many negative and irrelevant search terms. To do that go to:

Keywords tab then, under the graph, select Details > All and slowly work through the list, ticking off those you don’t want to be found for. When you’re done , make sure to click Add as negative keyword. This process can save you thousands on pounds each year in unnecessary clicks. We recently saved over £6,000 pa for one of our client.

The most obvious negative terms which doesn’t apply to your product or service can be added at account level so it applies to all your campaigns.

4. Not split-testing adverts

Always start with least 2 to 3 competing adverts in each AdGroup and set them to rotate evenly so you can watch their performance over the period of time. When you have a clear winner, pause the other ads and write a new competing advert. Make sure you pause the losers because if you delete them you will also lose the history of those adverts.

5. Not thinking as the customer

This is the most common one, ask yourself this question, “If you were the customer, what would attract you?” Sometimes asking a question followed by a direct benefit really helps.

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You can add more extensions to your ads. Adding extension will allow you to show more information e.g. phone number, booking form page link and USP’s of your service or product. If you’re not sure how to add extensions checkout my article 5 AdWords extensions that can improve your conversion rate.

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