While most people might think of banner ads as annoying, flashy, and irrelevant; improvements in ad targeting and distribution technology have created display ads that are effective marketing tools for businesses that have smaller budgets. As a result of these modern changes, a large audience can be reached and the improvements in targeting methods result in focused campaigns. Modern Display Advertising campaigns target a relevant audience by using the following methods:

  • Contextual – focuses on specified keywords in the content.
  • Placement – focuses on specific website interest/in market
  • Categories – focuses on user searches and browsing history
  • Topics and demographics – focuses on audience information gathered by search engines Mobile apps – focuses on apps that contain ads.
  • Remarketing – focuses on previous visitors from your website.

At Think Rich Media, we utilize years of experience to develop an expert approach that will benefit our clients in all sectors. Our Display Advertising campaign is focused on performance. We firmly believe in “No Performance, No Client” it’s as simple as that. We manage campaigns on all the major display channels, such as: Google Display, Retargeter, Adroll, Perfect Audience and more…google-display-network-logo-370x229

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We have extensive experience in providing campaign management for a wide variety of companies. We have developed a superior understanding of niche dynamics which are used to achieve an effective marketing campaign for our clients.

We have superior experience in campaign marketing for the following industries:

Manufacturing, Law, Retail, Ecommerce, Restaurants, Medical, Hospitality, Healthcare, Automobile, Hotels / Rentals, Property Management, Non-Profit Organisations and more…

What you can expect from our Display Advertising Management

We use our experience to support your campaign needs and will result in a great return on your investment.

Think Rich Media offers the following Display Advertising services:

  • Understanding your business brand, product and or service
  • Learning about your marketplace competitors advertising strategies
  • Creating high quality ads in different display formats and sizes
  • Testing ads
  • Setup of ads and keyword targets
  • Utilize remarketing options
  • Setting up ad-scheduling
  • Monitoring traffic/click through rate
  • ROI monitoring/tracking and Generating reports

The following steps are an overview of what our new clients can expect:

Step1: An initial meeting over the phone.

Step 2: We will ask you to provide us temporary access to your existing advertising account so we can audit your past campaigns in order to find solutions for new campaigns. Note: If you’re new to the advertising channel and have no account, we will help you create one.

Step 3: After our initial audit, we will setup a meeting date with you (in person or over the Skype). The meeting agenda will include: your existing marketing efforts, budget, and the future action plan. The future action plan will address your key marketing goals with respect to sales, leads and brand awareness and set Key Performance Indicators.

Step 4: We will provide you detailed proposal and seek your approval.

Step 5: Upon approval we will start the work.