7 Adwords Optimisation Weekly Workouts

7 Adwords Optimisation Weekly Workouts

Paid Search Advertising

Is your Adwords account eating up your ad budget?

Quality aside, Adwords is known for high cost per click and eating your ads budget pretty fast. A constant monitoring needed in order to keep things in control. There’re seven things you can do to trim down your ad budget and still achieve the desired results.

Every time I started to learn something new I always wish that someone could come and teach me about it in few steps.

“Do this and now go there and do that”

From now on when you start optimising your Adwords campaign follow the “7 Adwords optimisation workout” regime.

Workout 1: Pause high costing keywords

Show no mercy to high costing keywords that have not bring any conversions or have higher cost per conversion with no ROI. Pause them and move on. Sometimes we get too attached with keywords and give them more chance to perform. Try not to make this mistake when you’re short on budget. Your target should be to squeeze every single penny from your daily budget.


Workout 2: Ad scheduling

Closely monitor the buying behaviour of your customers. What times the majority of sales occurs on your website. Certain times and day of the week perform worse than others. Until you’re selling a high end product where one sale bring thousands of pounds in revenue. The one odd sale around 2 AM does not justify running your ads 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Click on dimensions tab in your Adwords account and click on view dropdown and select time. Here you can see the best day and time your campaigns are performing. Go back and schedule your campaigns accordingly.



Workout 3: Geographic locations

Just like time, each location performs differently too.

For one of our client we found that the certain areas of London are performing quite well. So we went and created new campaign targeting only those areas of London which result in more sales. Any cities that are not bringing sales or the cost for getting sales is high we exclude them from the list.

Click on dimensions tab in your Adwords account and click on view dropdown and select view: user location.


Workout 4: Negative keywords

Best place to look for cost savings which can be used to increase ROI is to eliminate as many negative and irrelevant search terms. To do that go to:

Keywords tab then, under the graph, select Details > All and slowly work through the list, ticking off those you don’t want to be found for. When you’re done , make sure to click Add as negative keyword. This process can save you thousands on pounds each year in unnecessary clicks. We recently saved over £6,000 pa for one of our client in 2015.

The most obvious negative terms which doesn’t apply to your product or service can be added at account level so it applies to all your campaigns.

Workout 5: Quality score

Use single keyword Ad Groups to increase CTR (click through rate) to increase relevancy between keyword and your ad. You can add different variations of same keyword in the Ad Group but try not stuff Ad Group with lots of keywords. You can use broad match modifier option that will automatically  cater for different variations before, between and after that keyword.

Example would be:

+women’s +hats

+Little Venice +Apartments

+buy +puma shoes

Workout 6: Lowering keyword bids

Start lowering your active keywords bids  so your cost per click goes down. But make sure to start lowering bids slightly. If you slash down your bids by 25% to 50% this could significantly effects your ads position. Try shaving them off 5% to 10% at any one time (little by little) while still maintaining strong average positions.

Workout 7: Changing your offer

Most of the time I see people blaming Adwords.

“No, the channel didn’t work out for me”

Before you hit your Adwords account too hard I suggest you to check your landing pages and the offers you’re promoting through those landing pages. Check your competitors landing pages to see if your offers are same as them. Try to make it better if possible, if not at least equal it.

Look at small things like headline, trust seal, testimonials, delivery charges etc… Make changes and monitor its performance.

Follow the regime 

Follow the above regime once a week. This would hardly take few minutes of your time each week. The regime will keeps your campaign running smoothly without eating up your ad budget.